Big news. We are moving!

We are moving

We are moving to a new location. Of course we will stay in Almere, but we are ready for a new step. We have been in our current building for five years now with great pleasure and love. We have made a lot of big leaps here, partly thanks to you. We see new customers coming in every day and have a lot of support from our customers who have been visiting us for years, but also all new customers.

In the coming period we will be closed every Tuesday to pack things, move things and clean up. We are extremely excited to take you through the moving process and hope that, just like us, you can't wait to move to the new building. You will have to wait a little longer, but we are going to make something beautiful out of it and can help you even better through this step

Where it all started

More than six years ago we started setting up The Hockey Center in Literatuurwijk. We started small, but had a lot of energy and wanted to make something beautiful out of it. We are a hockey store with a lot of passion for hockey itself.

Everyone who works and has worked with us plays hockey, provides training or has a love for the sport. With our love for the sport and the knowledge we have gained, we started The Hockey Centre. We tried to help customers in the best way and thought it was important that every hockey player could be on the field with the right materials.

Our second building

After a year and a half at Transistorstraat, and with a greater reach and more customers, it was time for a larger building. We moved to Muziekwijk. We were able to move our beloved store five minutes away from the Almeerse Hockey Club. Above us was the Sports Medical Center, where we were able to do many wonderful collaborations in the years that followed.

Our reach continued to grow and we made more and more steps in developing our own brand. We have already created several magazines and created a captain's armband in collaboration with Xan de Waard. We also have more brands in the store and our range of hockey sticks has grown to more than 800 sticks. Our goal to ensure that every player goes home with the right materials was paramount. The Hockey Center really became a family for various hockey players and people who have a heart for the sport. Many wonderful memories have been made in this building.

Moments that stay with us

In recent years, in addition to helping many wonderful customers, we have also experienced many moments that will always stay with us. We have organized various indoor tournaments for a number of years, including the Mercian indoor tournament. In the top sports hall in Almere, we received several top players to play indoor hockey. We were spotted in Cape Town during the team trip of Almeerse Heren 1, where great photos were taken.

Of course, all the moves we have experienced so far are memories we will never forget. Thanks to your support, we have been able to continue to grow through the different periods and make our brand stronger. We are therefore extremely proud to be able to share this move with you and to include you in the process. And of course finally being able to welcome you in the new building. Keep an eye on our socials for all updates!!