How do I start the hockey season fit?

Lie back for an entire holiday and enjoy your free time. This is what the summer holidays look like for most people. But time flies and the new hockey season always starts sooner than you think. It is therefore important to stay fit for hockey during the summer holidays. In between your free time, it is sometimes good to be sporty during the holidays. But how can you best do this? We will give you a few useful tips!

1. Water – Water – Water
In the heat you sweat more than you think, which causes you to lose moisture. It is therefore important to pay extra attention to your fluid intake during the summer. If you exercise, you should drink extra water.
Tip: Always take a bottle of water with you that you can fill.

2. Exercise together
Training together is more fun. Especially with a teammate who also wants to get through the summer fit. Training together provides more motivation!

3. Set goals/make a plan
Work with a purpose. It is often more pleasant for yourself to work with a schedule. Make time to put your goals on paper.
Tip: Train on fixed days a week to get a rhythm.

4. Sports activities
You don't always have to sprint. Swimming, cycling, walking are also good activities to keep fit. Variety is nice!

5. Make smart use of your vacation spot
Holiday by the sea? Get up a little earlier in the morning and plan an early workout. There is still plenty of room on the beach to do a workout. Are you staying at home? You can often go onto the fields at a football club or hockey club. Maybe play a 3-3 with your teammates who are also at home?

6. Interval training
Hockey is an interval sport, so make sure you continue to use interval training. Short activities with rest in between. So don't go running for 30 minutes.

7. Keep it real
Irresponsible exercise can lead to injuries that can slow down your fitness journey. And you don't want to start the season injured. Alternate your workouts with plenty of rest.

8. Strength training
Strength training is often forgotten. Strength training ensures that you become stronger and develop muscles. Squats, lunges, these will improve your speed, among other things.
Tip: Nike+ Training app is an ideal free app that tailors workouts to your needs. Strength training in combination with fitness.

9. Eat the right foods
Exercise is one thing, nutrition is also an important element. Don't immediately eat three beers or ice cream after a workout. A healthy diet ensures that you get all the important nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Go for popsicles instead of ice cream. Of course, a cheat meal is allowed every now and then! 😉

10. You Time
Summer, no stress and wonderful weather. Don't compare yourself with others and enjoy your holiday!