How do I choose the right hockey grip?

Nowadays, the standard hockey grip that is already on your stick when you purchase it is no longer enough. Many hockey players use an overgrip. This can have various reasons. Some simply want to make their grip a little thicker, others prefer a grip that feels soft. Whatever your motivation, you have plenty of choice these days. We also have a wide range of grips in the webshop, we will mention a few.


This soft grip is actually comparable to the standard hockey grip that is already on your stick when you purchase it. It can therefore be used as an overgrip if you want your stick to feel a little thicker, but this grip can certainly also serve as a replacement for the basic grip that is already on it. This can be useful, for example, if your old grip is completely worn out and has become thin.


The original chamois but without blister packaging. The most important property of a sea grip is that it absorbs moisture extremely well. The chamois grip feels pleasant and provides an extremely good grip on the hockey stick, even when your hands are wet or when it is raining. The chamois grip is placed over the existing grip. Chamois is really an overgrip and you should never just wrap around your stick.


This overgrip from Ritual is made of chamois/chamois material, which makes this grip feel very soft. It has an absorbent effect making it perfect for humid conditions. This grip does not lose its grip as soon as it gets wet, which is ideal.


The well-known Karakal grips are available in various colors so that they always match your stick. Compared to the chamois grips, this grip is a bit stiffer, but that does not mean that it does not feel soft. This grip is also super absorbent and provides good cushioning, making the vibrations of the stick less painful on your hands after hitting the ball.


The chamois grips from Gribbid, also called Fungrip, are not only super soft but also super cool. Whether you like panther pink or camo blue, there is something for everyone to spice up your stick.