Ready for the second half of the season?

The second half of the season has started again after the winter break. Get back on the field and improve your hockey techniques and the competition. There are a number of essentials that are important on the field. After a long winter break, it is wise to check whether all hockey equipment can still be used and what condition the equipment is in.

1. Mouthguard, a mouthguard protects the teeth and is therefore essential during every training and competition. Wearing a mouthguard is therefore mandatory. There are different models and colors, such as bits that you do not have to bite, bits that are very flat or special underwire bits.

2. Grip, after the winter break and having already used the stick and grip, it is wise to check how dirty your grip is at the start of the second half of the season. Is it still completely attached? Is the grip not completely discolored due to dirt? Or does it not emit a bad odor? If you are unsure whether you need a new grip, visit us in the store and we will help you. Choose from a chamois, undergrip or a grip with a nice pattern.

3. Hockey stick, a hockey stick is of course indispensable when playing hockey. There is no game without a stick. It is important that the hockey stick is still the correct size and that the material on the inside is not broken. How do you know if you are ready for a new stick for the second half of the season? Read our blog about a new hockey stick, click here .

4. Shin guards, which you wear under the socks. Shin guards are available in different models, such as shin guards that you leave in place with Velcro, and nowadays you also have shin guards that you can slide under your sock. Shin guards are mandatory and ensure that balls hitting the shins are blocked.

5. Kit, you wear the kit while playing the matches. This uniform differs for each club. You always have a home and away kit. Before each match you check which uniform you should wear that day. The Hockey Center is proud to be the main sponsor of the Almeerse Hockey Club, HC Nijkerk, HC Diemen, HC Zeewolde. These clubs can purchase their kit from us in store and online.

6. Water bottle, it is important to drink enough water during training and competitions. A sports water bottle is perfect for this, you can easily take it with you in your bag and prevent water from leaking. By drinking enough water you hydrate yourself well, which promotes muscle recovery. The Hockey Center has water bottles in different colors.

In addition to these 6 products, there are various hockey equipment that can improve your techniques. Take a look at our website or visit the store to view the different products and make your second half of the season a perfect hockey season.

For any other questions, we can always be reached via our social media channels and our WhatsApp service. Please feel free to contact us about any hockey related questions.