Team shirts with matching socks

When participating in a hockey tournament you often make your own name and of course you want to wear clothing that matches this name. At The Hockey Center you can fully dress your team with a shirt tailor-made for your team. If you want to make it completely complete, also choose matching socks.

Have your team shirt printed

Will you soon be participating in a tournament with a self-made team? Have you already thought of a nice team name? You can easily contact us with your team to design a shirt. Think of a nice text, choose the color shirts that are available and you can shine with your entire team during the tournament. If you order the shirts from us with your team, you will receive a 15% discount. Email us for the possibilities.

Matching socks

Do you want to complete your outfit during the tournament? Then choose matching socks. The Hockey Center has a wide range of different types of socks. For example, The Indian Maharadja has different colored socks and Hingly comes with your nicest patterns and shapes. Mix and match the right socks with the team shirt you will wear and you are ready for the tournament. Come visit us in store to view the different options.