Xan and Terrance choose The Hockey Center

We can proudly say that Terrance Pieters and Xan de Waard have chosen The Hockey Centre. Terrance and Xan are well-known names in the hockey world and play at the highest level. They therefore always choose the best outfit and the best quality tailor-made materials, so that they can always get the best out of themselves. We are very happy with this collaboration. We believe that the appearance of this beautiful couple matches perfectly with what we want to radiate as The Hockey Center. What did Xan and Terrance do this year?


It has been a turbulent year for Xan and Terrance. With great collaborations with The Hockey Center and enormous achievements in the field of hockey, they were able to create something very beautiful despite the crazy year. Xan was promoted to captain and we saw Terrance again with great actions. Are you curious about how they experienced their hockey year? Listen to the podcast with these two top players now and enjoy all the highlights.


Terrance and Xan are often on the road. Terrance plays for Men 1 of Kampong (Utrecht) and Xan plays for Women 1 of SCHC (Bilthoven). They also always train hard for all the larger tournaments that are also important. Think of last year's Olympics. Many kilometers are covered for these training sessions. Kilometers have to be made between Amsterdam, Utrecht, National Sports Center Papendal and Utrecht. We were able to create a nice combination to help Xan and Ter with these distances. Our logo on their car!


This year we were also able to complete great collaborations with Xan and Terrance. We have produced the captain's armband for acceptance, these two top performers are on the cover of our second magazine and we hope to enter into many more great collaborations with them next year. If you want to stay informed about what our ambassadors are doing, take a look at our Instagram, or listen to the podcast now. https://spoti.fi/3mvfq0k