Tips for playing hockey in the cold

The cold winter months call for measures. It is very cold outside, especially in November and the months of February/March. Especially during these months, good preparation is half the battle. Being cold during training or competition is not only unpleasant, it also entails risks. The chance of an injury is greater if the body is not warmed up well enough for exercise. The Hockey Center gives you some tips for playing hockey in the cold!

1. Warm up with gloves

As said, good preparation is half the battle. Make sure you have a set of gloves on hand to put on during the warm-up. As soon as the starting signal is given by the referees, there is no point in standing on the field with cold hands. Playing hockey with gloves on is not an option, but the warm-up (running part) is certainly possible!

2. Layers layers layers

Wearing many layers has a better effect than a thick sweater. Especially when training, you can opt for many layers because you can always take one off if you are too hot. So don't be afraid to put on 4/5 layers, better to be too warm than too cold. For example, put on a thermal, shirt, vest and a jacket.

3. Thermal clothing

A good thermal shirt is always welcome. Thermal clothing is made to retain heat while providing excellent ventilation and sweat wicking. On cold days, this clothing contains 'best of both worlds'. Take a look at our webshop. This year we have thermal clothing from various brands available in our range.

4. Love for the leggings

Don't be afraid of the leggings, be happy with the leggings. Yes, you won't break the fashion trend, but don't underestimate how important it is that it's not just your upper body that is nice and warm. Your legs must also be well protected against the cold. Cold leg muscles are prone to injury and the last thing you want is an annoying leg injury.

5. Don't stand still for too long

Make sure you stay warm, new exercises are regularly explained during training, also make sure that you do not stand still for too long during these explanations, if the explanation takes too long please let us know. For example, make sure there are blankets on the bench during matches so that the substitutes can keep warm. Don't let your muscles cool down too quickly.