Top 5 gift, for the smallest hockey player

As a real hockey fan, newly born babies and the smallest hockey players should also be provided with the best hockey products. The top 5 below are also perfect to give as a gift. Do you know someone who has just given birth and who loves hockey themselves? Below are the top 5 gifts for the youngest hockey players

Baby hockey stick with print

A hockey stick in the smallest size. Too cute sticks with an animal print for the little ones. It is now also possible to have the name of the person in question printed on the hockey stick. Make the hockey stick even more personal and give the hockey stick as a gift for the newborn hockey enthusiast. Or of course also for yourself.


Romper for babies, toddlers and toddlers. A nice maternity gift or for your little hockey player! In addition to rompers, we also have small sweaters, shirts and more. The rompers come in different colors, prints and sizes. View the collection here or visit us in store

Diaper cake

This real hockey diaper cake is for the born hockey babies ! Nice maternity gift. The hockey diaper cake is full of fun and useful items;

  • 43 diapers (diapers Woezel and Pip)
  • My first Dita's (shoes)
  • Mini ball (Mercian)
  • Baby Bodysuit with text (Born Hockey Star)
  • Mini Hockey Stick (pink)

Of course we will pack it festively and it will be packed securely, so that it will arrive safely at its destination!

Large hockey ball

This size Mercian dimple ball helps you with your technique. Use it in the garden or on the field and do different exercises. The ball is light and therefore easy to carry and use.

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