What do our player points stand for?

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P – Passionate: Everyone involved with The Hockey Center has a passion for sports and hockey in particular. We are driven to gain as much knowledge as possible about everything related to hockey. We use this knowledge to offer our advice on products as complete as possible. We hope to make other people just as enthusiastic about hockey with our passion, knowledge and enthusiasm about hockey.

L – Honest: Honest advice about the right products is very important to us. We believe in a long and honest relationship with the customer and that is only possible if we connect the right products to the right person. Honest personal advice is one of the most important core values ​​for us.

A – Reliable: Do what we say and do what we stand for. At The Hockey Center we stick to the agreements we make with customers and if this does not work due to unforeseen circumstances, we will come up with a suitable solution. We very selectively choose the brands we sell, because we want what we sell to radiate the same as what we stand for. Security!

Y – LoYaal: At The Hockey Center we are loyal to the customers we have and the parties we work with. In order to be loyal and make this known, it is very important for us to be transparent about the matters that are important to us and to you (the customer). By being loyal to our customers and offering customers a complete customer journey online and offline, we hope that customers will also be and remain loyal to us. Loyalty is highly valued by us and to show this we offer many great promotions for regular customers.

E – Carefree: For us, the customer journey must be as carefree as possible. From the first contact to the moment of joining The Hockey Center Community, we ensure good flow and a pleasant purchasing process. All our Hockey Center Team members are sports/hockey enthusiasts who assist every customer and guide customers during the purchasing process if desired. Through various channels (telephone, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, email, etc.) and always thinking outside the box to help everyone in a creative and efficient way.

R – PlezieR: At The Hockey Center we enjoy what we do. Fun is the most important thing for us. In the work we do, in the sports we practice and during the customer contacts we have. Pleasure is also the driving force for us to continue to work for the customers who repeatedly indicate that they find it so pleasant, friendly and relaxing with us.

What can I save for?

250 HC PLAYER Points - €5 discount
450 HC PLAYER Points - €10 discount
500 HC PLAYER Points – Free Delivery
650 HC PLAYER Point - €15 discount