When does your stick need to be replaced?

We all know the feeling, the new season is starting and of course you want to start your season well with a new stick. But you are often told that the stick does not need to be replaced yet. Because you only just got the stick you are playing with now. But when does your hockey stick actually need to be replaced? In this blog we will explain everything about this to you.

Too small or too big

First of all, your hockey stick should not be too small or too big. Fortunately, you can save a stick that is too large for later. If it is currently too large, it is best to replace your stick. You often notice that if your stick is too big, it will poke in your stomach and you will not be able to play properly. If you have a stick that is too small, you will often notice this when playing because your posture is too crooked; you have to bend much further forward while playing. We always assume that a stick falls on the navel.

Worn hockey stick

Secondly, your stick could also be really worn out. Your stick has to absorb a lot of blows while playing hockey and it is therefore very normal that it looks a bit worn after a while. The longer you play with the stick, the more the stick deteriorates in quality. If the stick is really worn, hockey performance can deteriorate. And of course we don't want this! Sticks differ in material and carbon percentage.

Stiffness of the stick

What is certain is that the stiffness of your stick decreases after a while. This is because you, as it were, play out the carbon you have in your stick. This does not mean that you should use a higher carbon percentage so that your stick lasts longer. No, the percentage does not decrease, your stick just becomes less stiff. The power you get from your stick becomes less and less, you can sometimes really feel this. We recommend replacing your stick after 1 or 2 seasons. This of course depends on the intensity that you play with your stick.

The grip

In addition to the stick, the grip of your stick can also break. You can easily replace this with us and this should be done approximately every 3 months.

If you are unsure whether your stick needs to be replaced, feel free to drop by with your stick and we will provide professional advice on whether your stick needs to be replaced or not!