Which hockey shoe suits me?

Having good hockey shoes is important. By purchasing good shoes you prevent the risk of injuries. Everyone also has a different shoe model, there are a lot of aspects that you should pay attention to when purchasing new hockey shoes. But what are these aspects actually? And which hockey shoe suits you perfectly? In this blog we discuss a number of points that you should pay attention to when buying new hockey shoes.


In addition to different shoe models, shoes also have varying stud patterns. The studs for a water field are different from those for a sand field.

Water field studs pattern
The water field stud pattern is studs that are narrower with less space between the studs. Due to the narrower studs and less space, the shoe also has more studs. On a water field you have more grip with these types of studs. Please note that if you have water field studs, you can never walk on the sidewalk with your hockey shoes, you must always take the shoes on and off on the field.

Sand field studs pattern
The sand field stud pattern has coarse studs, the space between the studs is larger and you therefore have fewer studs. There is more space for the sand, so you are less likely to slip. With water field studs the space is smaller and the sand therefore remains between the studs, making the risk of slipping very high.

Combination of studs
Finally, you also have a combination of stud pattern, these shoes have a stud pattern that is in between the water field and sand field shoes. These shoes are perfect for semi-fields. The studs can handle both the sand and water on the field well.

It is important that you always wear hockey socks when trying on hockey shoes, hockey socks are thicker than normal socks, so the shoe can fit differently. We also always ask whether you wear insoles. If this is the case, put them in when trying on your hockey shoes. In addition to the socks and insoles, we always ask whether you are prone to injuries or have had an injury before so that we can adjust the shoe choice accordingly.


Hockey boots are the most important items you have for hockey. It is therefore also important that you have shoes that suit you and that fit well. Be sure to visit the store to try on your shoes and get advice from a professional.

Too small or too big?
When trying on shoes, there should be no more than half an inch of space between the front of the shoes and toes. The shoes should also not be too small, so the toes should not touch the front of the shoe while running.

Too wide or too narrow?
We must also rule out a shoe that is too wide or too narrow, as a shoe that is too narrow can cause blisters and therefore cause a lot of pain. If your shoes are too wide, you will slide, causing your toes to turn blue. It is therefore always important to run a bit in your new shoes to feel how they run. While running you may find that you slip out of the shoe or they do not run well. Then you will have to look for a different size or shoe. At The Hockeycentre we offer help to find the perfect shoe for you.