Ritual Velocity 95+ 23'24

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Mate: 36.5"

The Ritual Velocity 95+ comes from the Ritual stick collection. The Velocity is a stiff field stick that provides a lot of hitting power and power. The sticks are made of 20 layers of 3K carbon from Japan.
The Velocity 95+ is a stiff field stick that consists of 95% carbon. The carbon makes the stick stiffer and provides a lot of impact and power. When hitting the ball, this stick bends less, which gives the ball more speed
The curvature of 24 mm at a height of 250 mm is ideal for the all-round player who has both technique and a good, tight pass. Because the Pro-bow curve is slightly lower than the Mid Bow, this stick provides slightly more ease of play when dribbling. The stick has a special 3D hook shape for ultimate 3D dribbling. This hook is similar to a midi curl.

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Ritual Velocity 95+ 23'24

Ritual Velocity 95+ 23'24


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