Adidas Shosa Kromaskin .1 22'23

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Mate: 36.5"

The adidas Shosa Kromaskin .1 is a stiff field stick from the Shosa stick collection from adidas. Adidas hockey sticks are currently an indispensable part of Dutch hockey fields. The sticks have a modern design and are used by many top players.

Material & Carbon percentage
The Shosa Kromaskin .1 is a very stiff hockey stick that provides a good mix of power and optimal control. The stick consists of 100% carbon which provides impact and power. This offers the opportunity to easily generate extra ball speed. The stick has partial coverage with Kromaskin. Kromaskin is F1 technology that is now also used for hockey sticks. This allows you to open new angles, hit more consistently, hit harder, and it also makes the stick look incredibly beautiful.

The curl contains an epoxy core. The epoxy core provides a more consistent structure of the stick, giving the stick more hitting power.

Curvature & Curl
The curvature of 24.99mm at a height of 200mm ensures that you can easily perform the drag push. The Extreme Low Bow curve is ideally suited for the dribbler and penalty corner specialist.

The Shosa has a Pure Control Head, which is comparable to the Maxi curl. The Maxi curl is the most common curl on the hockey field. The large surface makes stopping and hitting the ball easy, but the quick handling of the ball is somewhat impaired.

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Adidas Shosa Kromaskin .1 22'23

Adidas Shosa Kromaskin .1 22'23


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