Grays GX1000 Junior

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Mate: 35"

The Grays GX 1 000 Ultrabow Micro is the ideal stick for the novice and intermediate player. The stick has an evenly spaced standard curvature of 22mm located 30cm from the stick. This makes this stick very suitable for learning new hitting techniques and is the perfect stick for the novice player. The Micro hook makes receiving the ball easy. The Grays GX 1 000 Ultrabow Micro is made mainly of glass fiber and is therefore a flexible stick. When making the stick, high-quality fiberglass and "twin tube construction" were also used, which increases the durability of the stick. In addition to all this, this stick has a beautiful colorful appearance .

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                Grays GX1000 Junior

                Grays GX1000 Junior


                Palmpolstraat 7

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