Osaka Pro Tour 100 LG LTD 24'25

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The Osaka Pro Tour 100 is the most iconic stick from Osaka's stick collection. Used by many top players, the Pro Tour reflects everything Osaka stands for: premium quality, Japanese style and excellent design. The Pro Tour is a stiff field stick that provides a lot of hitting power and power.


The Pro Tour is an all-round field stick that consists of 100% carbon. The carbon makes the stick stiffer and provides a lot of impact and power. The 25% fiberglass provides more flexibility and feel in the stick. The remaining 5% consists of aramid, this material provides shock-absorbing capacity.

  • 100% Carbon
  • 25% Fiber Glass
  • 3% Kevlar Cross reinforcement
  • 2% Aramid Backhand Blade reinforcement

Pickup available at Palmpolstraat 7

Usually ready in 24 hours

Osaka Pro Tour 100 LG LTD 24'25

Osaka Pro Tour 100 LG LTD 24'25


Palmpolstraat 7

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

palmpolstraat 7
1327 CA Almere

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