Vision 55 Pro Bow 23'24

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Mate: 36.5"

The Osaka Vision 55 – Pro Bow has the best dribbling curve in the world. The maximum curvature is 250mm from the hook with a maximum height of 24mm. This creates a next-generation shape with a slim and dynamic profile, ideal for modern technical playing styles. The design focuses on 3D ball control, dragging and shooting.

Curvature: Pro Bow, 24mm @ 250mm

Material: 55% Carbon, 40% Fiber Glass, 3% Kevlar, 2% Aramid

Pickup available at Palmpolstraat 7

Usually ready in 24 hours

Vision 55 Pro Bow 23'24

Vision 55 Pro Bow 23'24


Palmpolstraat 7

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

palmpolstraat 7
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