Vision 55 Show Bow 23'24

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Mate: 36.5"

The Osaka Vision 55 Show Bow is a stick from the Osaka collection. The Vision line is characterized by striking fluorescent colors that hark back to the 1990s. The sticks in the Osaka Vision collection combine contemporary trends with the characteristic Osaka style.

The Osaka Vision is a stiff field stick with a carbon content of 55%. The carbon makes the stick stiffer and provides powerful strokes and power. In addition, the stick consists of 40% fiberglass, which provides more flexibility and feel in the stick. The 2% aramid and 3% kevlar contribute to shock absorption.

With a curvature of 24 mm at a height of 200 mm, this stick is ideal for performing 3D tricks. The Low Bow curve offers an excellent combination of control and scope capabilities.

The stick is equipped with a 45° curl. This hook is located between a midi and maxi curl, so the larger surface area makes for easier ball handling.

Pickup available at Palmpolstraat 7

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Vision 55 Show Bow 23'24

Vision 55 Show Bow 23'24


Palmpolstraat 7

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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