The different indoor hockey gloves

Golden Hall Glove

The balls in the court can hit extremely fast, which is why it is important to wear the right protection. We have a number of golden gloves for this proper protection. The first glove we recommend if you want more protection is the one from OSAKA. The foam parts on the glove are thicker and therefore provide cushioning around the hand when a ball hits. The glove is available in white and black.

In addition, you have the glove from Grays, the enormous advantage of this glove is that the protection extends completely over the entire hand. This way you don't have to worry about unprotected spots during the hockey game.

Both gloves feel large due to the good protection. If you are still young or do not like a glove that is too heavy and large, look at our silver or bronze gloves.

Silver hall glove

Our second top choice for an indoor glove is also a glove from Grays, this glove is very similar to the gold model, but fits a little more smoothly on the hand. In this model too, the foam layer extends completely around the entire hand, so this glove gives you the protection you need in the hall.

The foam used in this Grays glove provides cushioning for the balls that you may get on your hand during indoor hockey. The inside has a grip layer so that you can retain the stick and ball feeling and play in the hall without worries.

Are you a novice hockey player or do you belong to the youngest youth? Then look at our bronze glove. Perfect for starters and the glove still protects properly!

Bronze hall glove

There must also be a good glove in the hall for the youngest youth and beginners. This option is also available in our store and online. These bronze gloves also consist of a certain foam layer, but it is a lot thinner. This thinner foam layer makes the glove feel lighter and less bulky. However, the thinner foam layer offers less protection for selection teams or top players.

Due to the thinner foam layer, the glove is very suitable for players who do not have to deal with extremely hard balls. Despite its thinner layer, the glove provides enough protection and is perfect to start with.