Do you want to make your hockey presentation even more fun?

Coming up with and creating a speech can be quite a job, but it is also a lot of fun to do. Fortunately, you can choose your favorite subject, and if you are reading this blog, it will probably be hockey. You can tell a lot about hockey, the rules of the game, how hockey works, how hockey originated and much more. But it is of course even more fun to spice up your speech a bit by bringing a little something extra. In this blog we provide a few options that can strengthen your presentation and give some tips on what you can talk about during your presentation.


Summer book

1. The Hockey Center summer book , we have specially designed this summer book for all kids who still want to enjoy different hockey games during their summer holidays. The book consists of hockey games and puzzles. You will find a holiday hockey checklist, hockey puzzles, you can design your own hockey stick and much more. Give this summer book to your classmates and give them a little glimpse into how fun hockey can be.

Hockey friends booklet

2. Hockey friends booklet, do you want to keep track of everything about your best hockey buddies and all your teammates? And would you like to be able to share this during the speech? Then this booklet is exactly what you can take with you

  • Space for 19 hockey friends
  • Special friends book for hockey players!
  • Page about your hockey team
  • Nice quotes


3. Hockey stick key ring , just like the hockey pen, this key ring is a nice option to give during your speech. The key ring is available in several colors and if you always want your classmates to think about hockey, this key ring is certainly a perfect introduction. Hang the hockey key ring on your key ring and you always have a mini stick with you.


4. The Hockey Center bottle , this bottle is characteristic of The Hockey Center and is one of our bestsellers. With our saying 'eat sleep hockey repeat' you cannot deny that you are a true hockey fan. The bottle has a handy screw cap so that water cannot leak from your bottle. A super nice extra for your hockey presentation.


1. It is not without reason that you are giving your speech about hockey, so come to class in your hockey uniform. Then you can show your classmates what you wear while playing hockey. You can immediately tell us something about this, for example what do you wear during hockey training or a match.

2. Show different hockey equipment, bring your stick or, as a goalkeeper, take your goalkeeper bag to school to show all the equipment in your bag and explain what it is. But in addition to a stick, a mouthguard and shin guards are also important when playing hockey. Also consider this.

3. Would you like a specific explanation about certain hockey aspects? Think about gripping your stick, what types of sticks you have, how it works with certain hockey tactics or other specific parts. Contact us and we will record a special video in which we can explain different hockey tactics.