New collaboration with the Youth Fund Sports & Culture

We are proud and happy to announce that we are now a partner of this fantastic organization. Sports is for everyone! What does this mean for you? Are you eligible for the Youth Fund, or are you already in contact with it? Then from now on you can purchase your hockey gear in the store. With the budget you received from the Youth Fund you can purchase various products from us. Read more about the fund and our collaboration in this blog.

About the Youth Fund

The Youth Sports & Culture Fund makes it possible for children and young people from families with little money to participate in football, music lessons, gymnastics, street dance, judo, theater lessons or another sporting or creative activity. This also includes our beloved sport hockey. We pay the contribution/tuition for these children and young people and in some cases the necessities such as football clothing or dancing shoes. If you come into contact with the Youth Fund, they will guide you through the process and explain exactly what needs to be arranged and what can ultimately be achieved.

The role of The Hockey Centre

If there is an agreement from the Youth Sports & Culture Fund and an amount is released, we will be informed of this. As a customer you will also receive some information and papers that you can show in our store. If the data matches the data we have received. Can you pick out your hockey gear? This could be a uniform, but also other material for the amount that can be spent. We naturally help everyone in our store with professional advice and will work with you to determine what items are needed to play hockey properly.

How does it work?

Before you can come shop with us, you must receive approval from the Youth Fund, so it is important to contact them first and go through everything. Questions about how this works can be asked via the fund.

Do you want the Youth Fund to pay the costs of your child's club? Then you can do two things:

  1. Go to and fill out the form.
  2. Or ask for help making an application. For example, to the teacher, or someone else who helps you with financial matters.

Do you have questions? Please contact the Youth Fund in your area. They can help you.