The final exams are just around the corner. This means learning a lot, concentrated and hard. There are also often a lot of nerves involved. To be well prepared and still somewhat confident about the exams, good preparation is half the battle. It takes a lot of energy, that's why we give some tips below that you can take with you while preparing for your exams and we also give some good luck

1. Enough sleep, even if you sometimes feel the last minute pressure to continue learning for a long time to know everything as best as possible. Is sleep before and during exams essential? By getting enough sleep you will have new energy the next day to study or take an exam. With too little sleep, the brain and body function less, so don't forget this!!

2. Learn efficiently, learning often feels long and hard. Sometimes you feel like you've been learning for a long time and you're only just getting started. But did you know that after half an hour of learning you really absorb the material into your brain. So when you start learning, set your alarm for 45 minutes and don't let anything earlier than this distract you. This sometimes allows you to learn more efficiently in a shorter time.

3. Relaxation, it is important to be able to clear your head outside of learning and to be busy with something other than school. For all hockey players, keep going to your training sessions. This way you are actively working, but you think about something other than all the material. Sometimes you come back afterwards with new energy.

4. Combine different resources, not only learn the material you get from school, but also take old exams, watch YouTube videos, explanations on the internet, and all the information you can obtain about the particular material. This way you expand your knowledge and are also prepared for unexpected questions.

5. Eat and drink enough, for the right energy while learning it is important to get the right nutrients. Drink enough water to reduce the risk of headaches and eat enough fruit and vegetables, but also treat yourself to something tasty. This way you stay fresh and clear while learning.

In addition to these 5 tips, we at The Hockey Center have created a package for some extra luck. The package consists of a water bottle, a lucky doll and a swear band or a scrunchie. In addition to good preparation, it is also important to be comfortable during the exams. This package takes care of that.

Everyone who is about to take their final exams puts it on, and we are very curious to see how you are doing and whether you will pass. Be sure to tag us in all messages when the results are in!

If you have any questions, you can always visit our FaceBook and Instagram. We are also still open and you are welcome to come and have a look in our showroom.