Tips for playing hockey in the rain

You have to train today but it's raining. This can happen because the weather in the Netherlands is often bad, especially in autumn and winter. A little rain doesn't stop a hockey player. The question is more: What kind of clothes do you wear? How many clothes do you wear? In this blog we give you some tips about playing hockey in the rain.

What kind of clothes do I wear when it rains?

If rain coincides with cold, it is best to go for 3 layers. A base layer – the bottom layer; you wear this closest to your skin. Consider a thermal shirt if it is cold. Midlayer – provides extra warmth above the base layer. Think of a T-shirt. And an outer layer – this protects you from the wind and rain. Think of softshell or Ripstop. Unlike normal raincoats, these jackets are specially designed for sports, they provide sufficient ventilation and wick sweat away from the skin to prevent you from overheating. If it rains, wear long pants. It is best to wear long tights with your sports pants or skirt over them.

How do I get dry shoes?

Most hockey shoes can withstand a little water, but after a while they become completely soaked. Therefore, take good care of your shoes after your training. Remove the insoles and lay them flat in the house to dry. Just at room temperature. For the shoes, take an old newspaper and stuff it into the shoes. Also allow to dry at room temperature. If your shoes are really soaked, you can regularly change the newspaper wads. The ideal solution? The shoe fresh. Besides the fact that putting newspapers in the shoe takes a lot of time and does not eliminate the smell, it can also be bad for your shoes! This can be easier, faster and smarter: put your shoes on the Shoefresh shoe freshener and they will be fresh and dry again within half an hour! This way you will no longer have a smell in your house and you will step into your shoes every day feeling fresh