Top 3 penalty corner masks

You use a corner mask for the defensive penalty corner. The mask protects you against balls that may go up during a penalty corner. But what is a good mask? At The Hockey Center we sell various masks. Which one is suitable for you? In this blog we explain the differences between the masks and place them in order of best protective.

OOP OBO mask

OOP is a new brand from OBO, fully focused on player protection. This mask has been specially developed for juniors, ages 12 to 15 years and seniors! The new generation of facial protection is here: the Face-off STEEL! Officially approved by KNHB and FIH. Completely unobstructed view (also at the feet). No problems with the mask fogging up. Good hearing. 'Open' ears are very easy and quick to put on and take off.

Mercian M-Tec mask

The mask has a hard plastic layer and can therefore certainly withstand a blow from a ball. The mask is easy to put on and take off, making it easy to use. The mask has a clear view and fits perfectly on the ears, so there is a very small chance of damage to the ears. The only disadvantage is that the mask is not adjustable.

Mercian M-Tec junior mask

The Mercian M-Tek Face Mask Junior is a face mask from the Mercian collection. The M-Tec face masks are ideal during penalty corners. The durable plastic on the outside is hard enough to absorb the impact of a hockey ball. The inside is soft, which makes the comfort very good. As a senior, we also advise against this mask!