Top 5 Father's Day gifts

By now, almost everyone knows what they can get their father on Father's Day. But it's always nice to surprise your father with a nice gift. Sometimes getting a gift is easier than making one yourself. That's why we have a top 5 Father's Day gifts. This way, your father won't get the same as last year, but it will be nice and easy for you. Gifts that are all about sports.

Today a top 5 Father's Day gifts. Which are all about sports, but your father will definitely like them...

1. Supervisor/coach thank you package. Is your father just as much of a hockey fan as you are and has he been coaching or guiding your team for years? Then this is the perfect gift to give. With the fantastic wine socks and an apron, your father is ready to continue the summer.

2. Hingly Netherlands socks . If your father is a real Netherlands fan and always watches every hockey and football match, then these socks are the socks you must have. Hingly has socks in all colors and sizes and always something for everyone.

3. The Indian Maharaja sunglasses. Now that the weather is getting nicer, sunglasses are also appearing again. The fathers are working in the garden more often and sunglasses are desperately needed. So what are you waiting for, these sunglasses are perfect!

4. The Hockey Center water bottle . Drinking enough water is important for everyone. But with all those busy fathers walking around, this is not always the first thing on their minds. There may already be ten of them in the cupboard, so an extra water bottle is never a problem.

5. The Indian Maharaja cap. Summer is coming and the sun is shining brighter. Fathers cannot miss this cap in their closet. It is good for everything, while watching the hockey games next season or while exercising and enjoying the sun in the garden. There's no doubt that your father isn't happy about this.

In addition to these top 5, we at The Hockey Center have ensured that there is an entire collection for Father's Day. So if you still have doubts after these top 5, which we cannot imagine, you can always take a look at our collection.