Top 5 gifts for the hockey coach

The holidays are getting closer, which means that wish lists are being filled and gift ideas are emerging. It may seem like a long way off for some, but it is never wrong to think in time about which gift you want to give or receive this year. That's why we've created a top 5 gift list especially for you, with the perfect tips for a hockey coach. Of course you can also give the presents outside all hockey-oriented occasions. All tips can be ordered online at The Hockey Center or available in store!

Mercian walking ladder

This walking ladder is perfect during the warm-up during competitions and if your coach also happens to be your trainer, or if your coach likes to exercise a lot, then this walking ladder is perfect to give as a gift. The walking ladder can be used in different ways, but cannot be missed with a coach. The walking ladder comes in a handy carrying bag.

Fika ball bag

Does your coach always struggle with all those balls that he/she has to take with him during the matches? Then this bag is the solution, the bag comes in different sizes. The bag is available for 27, 36 and 48 balls. It just depends on how many balls your coach can lift. The bags are available in nice colors. The bag therefore only has advantages for your coach. From 23.50.

Malik coaching board

If you have a coach who always wants to explain something but can never show it properly, then this coach board is perfect to give as a gift. From now on, your coach can easily demonstrate setups or techniques and therefore no longer has to make things difficult during the preparation. For only 9.95 this board can be your coach.


Sometimes the coach suddenly has to blow the whistle. It is of course useful that your coach has a whistle at hand. Do you know that your coach never carries a whistle? Then giving a whistle is a small and easy gift.

First-aid kit

A nice gift to give at the end of the year, but also now for the holidays. The first aid kit always comes in handy and is a must when coaching a team. The suitcase is equipped with all the items you may need during a competition or training.

Apron coach of the year

If you want to surprise your coach with a nice gift, this apron is a very good option!
With this apron your coach can make his/her favorite dishes again without getting dirty!

There are also blank aprons. It is possible to come up with your own text that we can print on the apron.