Grays AC7 Dynabow-S

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Mate: 36.5"

The AC7 Dynabow is specially designed to achieve maximum performance. Aerocore technology regulates the weight distribution to create a light pickup. The ridge increases power transfer along the axis and new handle technology provides a stiffer composition without compromising control. This in combination with the new Dynabow-S shape with a reshaped head that is ideal for 3D skills. A thickened and low backhand zone for executing passes and shots from the back.

Key Facts:

  • Aerocore technology for light pickup.
  • New Dynabow-S shape is a medium curvature for all-rounder skills.
  • Thickened LBZ for reverse side passing and hitting.

                Pickup currently unavailable at Palmpolstraat 7

                Grays AC7 Dynabow-S

                Grays AC7 Dynabow-S


                Palmpolstraat 7

                Pickup currently unavailable

                palmpolstraat 7
                1327 CA Almere

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