Rowo Hot/Cold Compression

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Cold-Hotpack Rowo HF 20 x 30 cm. with case and Velcro.

A plastic bag with a gel in it that can be used as a heat (also suitable for microwave) and a cold compress.

Rowo Cold-Hotpack helps with sprains, muscle tears, bruises and headaches, etc.

You can cool it in the freezer compartment in the microwave or heat it in hot water. These cold/hot packs (compresses) are ideal for home use and therapeutic use. The cold/hot pack cannot be placed directly on the skin during use, due to frostbite or burning symptoms (use the supplied Velcro bandage for this). RADISH: Rest, Always raise, Pressure and ICE. ICE is another abbreviation that stands for ice, compression and elevation.

Pickup available at Palmpolstraat 7

Usually ready in 24 hours

Rowo Hot/Cold Compression

Rowo Hot/Cold Compression

Palmpolstraat 7

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

palmpolstraat 7
1327 CA Almere

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