Checklist: protective equipment

The competition has started and we are happy that we can play matches again. A number of things have changed during these times. For example, it is strongly recommended to purchase your own material for the penalty corners. But what exactly do you need? The Hockey Center has created a checklist for the protective equipment during a penalty corner. We list what is needed and what these items are intended for.

Penalty corner mask

1. Penalty corner mask, the first thing you think of. A penalty corner mask protects you against balls that may shoot up during the corner. The line stoppers always wear a mask, sometimes the first exit also wears a mask. There are different masks that are suitable for the penalty corner. You can read in this blog which mask is suitable for you.

Knee pads

2. Players House knee pads, the Playershouse knee pads can be quickly deployed by inserting them behind or in front of the shin guard for use. After the penalty corner they can be taken off immediately and thrown away. They are safe to use due to the completely plastic composition and shape for the kneecap.

Run-out glove

3. Run-out glove, fully protected glove so you can play with more confidence. New design for defenders during the penalty corner. Elongated, heavily padded cuff provides extra wrist coverage compared to other gloves. Complies with FIH rules.

Fresh Spray

4. Sports Gear Fresh Spray, the eco-friendly prebiotic technological prevents and removes all odors. It refreshes all your sports gear/stuff and leaves a neutral and pleasant scent. Reduces the risk of infections and fungi. You can use it for: shoes, boots, shin guards, helmets, body protection, jackets, thermos, gloves and sports bags.

Penalty corner bag

5. OOP OBO penalty corner bag, ideal for tidying up all your belongings that you use during the penalty corner. The bag is waterproof. Can be worn as a backpack or easy to pick up by the handle.

To make it easy for you, the Hockey Center team has put together a package with all the items on the checklist. What are you waiting for, order it online now or visit the store and receive tailor-made advice!