The different indoor hockey sticks

Golden hall stick

In addition to the necessary protection that you are required to wear in the hall, the right stick is of course also an essential element in the hall. The sticks in the hall are a lot thinner than on the field. That is why it is also necessary to change sticks.

For the real top talents we have sticks that provide perfect ball control. The room is smaller and moves much faster, so it is nice if you are helped well by the agility of the player and stick.

The top sticks that we have at The Hockey Center are sticks that have the perfect combination of materials. This can either be a combination of wood with a carbon layer or sticks made entirely of carbon. The top players are agile enough in the room to use a higher carbon percentage. This gives you the power to play the ball and the control you need in the court. Daan Dekker tells us much more about this in our podcast. Have you listened to it yet? Find out more about experiences in the hall and the best tips. Click on the link below.

Silver hall stick

The silver sticks, just like our gold sticks, have the perfect combination of the different materials. The silver sticks consist of a lower percentage of carbon and therefore contain several other materials.

The silver sticks ensure that young people also have enough ball control in the hall. The ball moves faster and this also makes it more likely that the balls will go in the wrong direction. With the right combination of materials this happens less quickly. Consider sticks consisting of composite or 20-30% carbon,

We always recommend testing the stick in our store to get the right experience and feeling with the sticks. A stick for the audience is extremely personal and therefore more difficult to choose.

Bronze hall stick

For the youngest youth or players who are entering the hall for the first time, it is important that the player plays with a stick that he or she feels good about. For the youngest youth, the sticks mainly consist of wood or composite. This material ensures that the players get enough feeling of the ball and the stick. You really feel that the ball is on the stick. This promotes technical skills during training, but also in competitions.

If you would like more advice about the different sticks, please feel free to contact us or visit the store. Then we will explain everything to you! You can now also listen to the podcast with Daan Dekker and enjoy all his experiences in the room. Click on the link below.