How do I stay fit for hockey in the summer?

The summer holidays have started and this means no more hockey, or at least no more official training and competitions. It is always good to keep moving during the summer holidays, because before you know it the holidays are over and the hockey starts again. You can always continue playing hockey at home in the garden, you can also start with fitness and strength training. In this blog we provide some useful sports tips and what you need for this.


1. Strength training for the legs.
Leg muscles are used a lot during hockey and are therefore important to train when you are not playing hockey. You can do strength training for your legs in different ways. Squats and lunges are always favorites. To make it even harder for yourself, you can use stretch loops, which you put around your legs. You then maintain tension on the band and you can do the exercise you were doing. The tension on the band ensures that your leg muscles are trained even more.

2. Yoga ball
The yoga ball is not only useful during yoga, this ball can also be used very well for various workout exercises. The ball makes it more difficult to keep your balance. The ball can be used for yoga, pilates and strength training programs to strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles, back and buttocks. For example, lie with your back on the ball and do a number of crunches. The ball can help you with different muscle groups.

3. Fitness mat
When doing your workout, it is important that you do this on a firm surface. Even though you are working on other muscles, the cushioning you get can have many effects on how you do the exercises and any injuries. The fitness mat provides support during your workouts, so it is important to use it.

4. Vision glasses
If you want to improve your hockey techniques in addition to strength training, then this birl is really something for you. Before passing or passing the opponent, one must be able to see what he or she is doing and how he or she is positioned. These Pure dribbling glasses – or Multisports Vision Trainer – make someone a much better player very quickly. In addition to better ball control, awareness of localization in the field will also be better.


1. Water – Water – Water
In the heat you sweat more than you think, which causes you to lose moisture. It is therefore important to pay extra attention to your fluid intake during the summer. If you exercise, you should drink extra water.
Tip: Always take a bottle of water with you that you can fill.

2. Exercise together
Training together is more fun. Especially with a teammate who also wants to get through the summer fit. Training together provides more motivation!

3. Set goals/make a plan
Work with a purpose. It is often more pleasant for yourself to work with a schedule. Make time to put your goals on paper.
Tip: Train on fixed days a week to get a rhythm.

4. Sports activities
You don't always have to sprint. Swimming, cycling, walking are also good activities to keep fit. Variety is nice!