How much carbon do I need in my stick?

We often hear people who come to our store and think that they need as much carbon as possible. These are the best sticks, or we often hear that they last the longest in the store. Or statements like "I need 100% carbon, the top stick of that brand and I need as much carbon as possible." But how much carbon is actually wise to take? And how much carbon suits your level?

The percentage of carbon is very important when purchasing your new hockey stick, but do you need 100% carbon? No definitely not! It certainly doesn't mean that you will play better hockey. In fact, a child with too high a carbon percentage will play hockey less well. In addition, 100% carbon does not even exist in a hockey stick. To be able to play hockey, carbon must always be used in combination with another type of fiber such as aramid or kevlar.

The carbon percentage (often stated large on your stick) determines the stiffness of your hockey stick. The higher the percentage of carbon, the stiffer the stick. Advantages: Hit hard, push and flatten harder and more power. Disadvantage: Less ball feeling when receiving and dribbling and the ball jumps off your stick faster.


Novice hockey player

10% - 30% Carbon: D youth – C youth (and novice hockey player).

The relatively low percentage of carbon gives you more control over the ball. This stimulates the development of your technical skills.

Advanced player

30% – 70% Carbon: Every hockey player

This carbon percentage is suitable for everyone. A combination of power and feeling. So enough power to hit hard and at the same time the stick remains flexible and user-friendly to continue to improve technique.

Top player

70% - 100% Carbon: Selection of players/seniors hockey

These sticks are very stiff and rigid. This ensures that maximum energy transfer takes place. This makes hitting the goal hard no problem at all! When receiving the ball and handling the ball in general, you will notice that this is less smooth than with a stick that contains less carbon. If you as a player have sufficient technical skills to receive and play a ball well and you mainly need a stick for power, then this is a carbon percentage for you.

There is always a gray area and it is not always possible to determine in advance what you really need. It is always very personal which carbon percentage really suits you, so if you really want to know what suits you, test it out or ask for further information