Top 5 gifts for the hockey player

The holidays are getting closer, which means that wish lists are being filled and gift ideas are emerging. It may seem like a long way off for some, but it is never wrong to think in time about which gift you want to give or receive this year. That is why we have created a top 5 hockey gifts list especially for you, with the perfect tips for a hockey player. Of course you can also give the presents outside all hockey-oriented occasions. All tips can be ordered online at The Hockey Center or available in store!

Hockey friends booklet

If you want to know everything about your hockey buddies, then this friends book is perfect for you. The friends book has room for 19 hockey buddies, it is a special friends book for hockey players, with questions that are also aimed at hockey, there is a page for your hockey team and the book contains nice quotes. A perfect gift to find out everything about your hockey buddies and only for 9.95.

Hockey bicycle clamp

Do you know someone who always goes to hockey by bike and always plays around with his stick on the bike? Or is this person yourself. Then this is the perfect solution. With this bicycle clamp you can safely take your hockey stick, tennis racket or umbrella on your bike. You can easily mount the bicycle clamp by attaching it to your bicycle with the supplied tyraps. For just a tenner

I Love Hockey Towel

This towel is ideal for the gym and hockey bag. Perfect for wiping off all the sweat drops after a hard training or competition. Perfect to give as a gift to the hockey enthusiast. The towel has an embroidery on the bottom with I LOVE HOCKEY and is therefore not to be missed. Now for 9.95.

The Indian Maharaja sweatband

The sweat drips from your face during training and competitions, but where do you wipe it? After purchasing this sweatband, you will never have to worry about all that sweat on your face again. Put it on your own wish list or give it to the player who always suffers from this. For only 2.95 you can purchase this sweatband for your wrist, I say buy one for both wrists!

Hockey fun quartet game

Endless enjoyment with all your hockey buddies, but also at home with the family. This hockey quartet game helps you learn all kinds of hockey-related things. A fantastic quartet game for children from 6 to 12 years old. This quartet game has 40 cards based on the principles of Sportsmanship & Respect for each other. There are 10 different topics: Rules of Conduct, Passing Movements, Start, Types of Strokes, Stick Holding, Fouls, Goalkeeper, Penalty Corner, Equipment & Referee. A super nice gift!