For all parents, practice with your child

Especially during this period, it is nice to still be able to practice their hockey skills with your children. But even once hockey has started again, it is important to be able to encourage your child to practice at home. Children always enjoy playing hockey with someone more than alone. How nice is it if you can take your child outside to practice. The problem is often that you do not have enough sticks at home or that they are too small. The Hockey Center has selected sticks especially for parents, with a nice price tag. They are sticks that are perfect for practicing with your children. In this blog we give a few fun exercises that you can do together in the garden.


1. Skip. It sounds very simple, but practicing the push, flats or hitting is very important. These are parts that you always use during training and competitions. And the more you practice the better you become at it. Also take the initiative to play together for a while.

2. Passing movements. Passing movements, you've had enough of them. But while practicing these movements, it is always nice as a child to have a defender opposite you, so it becomes even more realistic. For example, practice the dummy, a lift or a turn.

3. Hockey and math. I don't think anyone likes doing math exercises. But this fun game, available at The Hockey Center, makes it a lot easier. Place the discs with numbers on them on the floor and start. Give an addition and let your child run to the correct number. So on and on. And also turn around once.

4. Uphold. It seems so easy to others, but try it with your child. Keeping the ball up. For example, enter into a competition with who can hold up the most times, or learn how to travel around the world. Challenge yourself and your child to practice it.

You can make it as crazy as you want. Take a look here for the sticks. We have several videos on our YouTube channel that can help you do these techniques in the garden even better. The videos vary from workouts to how to best hold your stick. So take a look to make it even more fun.

Do you have any fun ideas that you can do with your child and parent? Please let The Hockey Center know! For other questions you can always reach us via Facebook and Instagram.