Which bit suits you perfectly?

A mouthguard is a must when playing hockey. It protects you during training and competitions and you cannot forget it. But which mouthguard is suitable for you? Nowadays you have plenty of choice between different bits. Knowing the difference between these bits is certainly something you should take into account when making your choice. That is why we have listed the different mouthguards from The Hockey Center and tell you the benefits.


1. The Aero Bits from Sisu are available in different colors and are only 1.6 mm thick! Aero's ultra-light design is 50% thinner than normal sports mouthguards and offers maximum comfort. It is also easy to shape the mouthguard to your teeth. And the bit offers the protection you need during hockey. You can re-bite the Sisu bit up to 20 times! Just talk and drink while wearing your hockey mouthguard. Also for players who often suffer from difficulty breathing with a normal mouthguard.

2. This snapfit mouthguard from OPRO is perfect for the youngest youth, but is also available for seniors and in different colors. You do not have to bite the mouthguard and it is therefore immediately ready for use and also easy to use. This mouthguard is perfect as a backup in your bag for anyone who loses their mouthguard on the field. You always have one with you that you can use immediately.

3. The OPRO mouthguards offer optimal protection, they are available in different colors and are available in bronze, silver, gold and platinum versions. The mouthguard is preformed, which makes it easy to bite and fits perfectly around your teeth. The mouthguard is for everyone, the youth line is specially designed for the youngest youth.

Also play with a brace with optimal protection. The mouthguard is specially made for everyone with braces and therefore fits perfectly around your braces. The bit has ultimate shock absorption and it is easy to bite. No more problems with bits that do not fit through the bracket.

4. Makura's IGNIS mouthguard is a 2-layer protector and combines a super strong SHOKBLOKER™ exterior and a GELFORM™ liner for the ultimate protection and a comfortable fit. Makura's IGNIS mouthguard is CE approved and certified. The mouthguard comes with a storage box to protect your mouthguard.

Did you know that we help with mouthguards in the store? Make a special appointment or do it immediately when purchasing your new mouthguard.

Do you have any questions about the bits? Contact us!.