Which hockey stick length suits me?

What stick length someone needs is a frequently asked question with us. Many people don't know exactly which stick length suits them and how you can find out. As a result, we often see children who play with a stick that is much too small, but also some children who have a stick that is too long. So what is the perfect stick length for you? In this blog we give you all the need-to-know information you need to determine which hockey stick length you need.


Measuring the correct stick length is not as difficult as it may sometimes seem. A different method is used for children and young people. Then check for each person which method you should use. For children, a stick that reaches the navel is a good stick length. When choosing a new stick, hold the stick in front of the child and see whether it reaches the navel. Always make sure that you stand upright when measuring, so that you can be sure that the hockey stick actually reaches the navel. Children's sticks range from size 22" to 36". Then you go to the adult size..

For young people, the rule of measuring up to the navel is no longer possible, so you will of course end up with a stick that is too small. That is why the rule for young people is that the stick must reach the hip. In this case it is also a bit easier for young people because there are fewer stick lengths available. Most young people play with a 36.5” stick and occasionally the player chooses to play with an extended stick. But the standard size for young people is 36.5”.

We always help in the store with choosing the right stick length and the right stick in general. This way we can immediately see whether the player is playing with the stick with the correct length.


It sometimes happens that a player plays hockey with a stick that is too small or too long. When is this the case?

If the stick is too small, you will see that most players play much more hunched forward and have to make more effort to get the stick to the ground. In many cases, a stick that is too small can also cause back problems. So be sure to watch out for this! Another aspect that can tell if a stick is too small is if the player's right hand is too far away from the grip. The player himself then actually shows that the length of the hockey stick no longer suits the height of the player. In this case, measure the stick again and determine whether the stick length is still correct.

Too long
A hockey stick that is too long also sometimes occurs. If someone has a stick that is too long, the player often feels that the hockey stick is getting uncomfortable in the stomach. Because you lean slightly forward when playing hockey, if the stick is too long you will experience problems with feeling the hockey stick in your stomach. You can also see this from the fact that the player holds the left hand, i.e. the hand at the top of the grip, more downwards. The player himself indicates that the stick is too long. Also measure the hockey stick again for these aspects and see whether the length of the stick corresponds to the height of the player.


A tip for all players, but also parents. Always try out your stick and visit the store to choose the hockey stick that suits you based on professional advice. Are you not sure whether your stick is too short or too long at the moment? Don't hesitate and send us a photo with the stick and the player. We can easily and quickly provide advice on whether purchasing a new hockey stick is appropriate. This way everyone plays with the right stick.