Future Lab 45 - Nxt Bow - 23'24

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Mate: 36.5"

The Osaka Future Lab 45 is a stiff field stick with a carbon content of 45%. The carbon material increases the stiffness of the stick and provides impressive impact force and power. In addition, the stick consists of 50% fiberglass, which offers more flexibility and feel in the stick. The remaining 5% Kevlar provides excellent shock absorption.

With a curvature of 24 mm at a height of 250 mm, this stick is ideal for the all-round player who has both technical skills and an accurate, tight pass. The Pro-bow curve is slightly lower than the Mid Bow, making the stick slightly easier to play when dribbling.

The stick is equipped with a Hookslot head. Although the Hookslot head is not much different from Osaka's usual maxi head, technical players will notice the subtle differences. Thanks to the Hookslot, the stick offers more control over the ball.

The Future Lab uses the innovative NXT Bow. Although the characteristics of the NXT Bow are very similar to those of the Pro Bow, the use of geometric shapes makes it possible to achieve the same results with less carbon material. This results in a very light stick with maximum stiffness.

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Future Lab 45 - Nxt Bow - 23'24

Future Lab 45 - Nxt Bow - 23'24


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Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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