OPRO GEN4 Gold Bit

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Mate: Senior
Colour: Black

The OPRO GEN4 Gold Bit is very suitable for hockey players. The mouthguard comes from the boxing world and is therefore perfect for protection during hockey training and matches. The bit has ultimate shock absorption. The mouthguard has different compartments that you shape to your teeth while biting. The GEN4 Gold cannot be worn by hockey players who have a brace.

The mouthguard is suitable for children aged 10 years and older. And comes with a storage box that kills 99.99% of bacteria.

Are you not sure what the differences are between the OPRO bits? Click here for an explanation of the different bits.

Need help shaping your mouthguard? Look at here step by step explanation of how to bite your mouthguard.

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OPRO GEN4 Gold Bit

OPRO GEN4 Gold Bit

Senior / Black

Palmpolstraat 7

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